The Cure Process

When a person is suffering from anxiety disorder, fears and compulsive thoughts can attack the mind nearly 24 hours a day.  When I was in my twenties, intrusive thoughts appeared every 10 minutes. I was told that I twisted my face very often. Actually it was an involuntarily reaction that occurred whenever I felt the psychological pain.
As soon as you begin Saito Therapy, the painful and fearful thoughts begin to decrease, slowly and steadily. Although the compulsive thinking process still presents itself, nevertheless, as time passes, progress is being made.

It becomes apparent that there is a decrease in the severity and the frequency of the mood swings. As I recall, my own mood swings lost their power almost immediately upon beginning Saito Therapy, and were no longer a factor in my daily life. At present, my life has become very stable and there has been no up and down moods except for occasional depression.

Anxiety, depression, borderline personality problems, and eating disorders all have as their main symptom instability in mood and therefore fall under the classification of gmood disorders.h  Borderline personality problems very often present with severe symptoms and these patients have been known to inflict injury to themselves as a way of stopping the mood swings.

With eating disorders, the patient will eat as much as possible and then actually vomit in order to prevent the instable moods. While those with anxiety disorders usually do not eat uncontrollably, their compulsion shows up as accumulating as much information as they can about the problem to cure themselves. This actually becomes an obsessive habit which can take up the entire day. Without any new hopeful information, depression develops.

Saito Therapy encourages the patient to cease and desist from gathering information or from seeking treatment for the disorder.

Although eliminating all fearful habits and obsessive thinking may in fact take time and be difficult, nevertheless, the habit of anxiety in the brain diminishes over time. Although I have myself been practicing Saito Therapy for almost ten years, I still have moments when I suffer from anxiety flashbacks. These usually pass in just a few minutes, but can in fact, linger for a whole day. As time passes, these flashbacks become less and less severe.

In order to be cured from anxiety habits of the brain, the lifestyle of constantly searching for answers must be changed and a new and intentional habit of going forward needs to be forged.

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