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What is Saito Therapy?
This therapy was developed by me (Mr Saito) as a result of suffering from and then curing my own Anxiety Disorder. Saito Therapy is based on the concept of traditional Japanese Zen meditation and my own experience.

I spent almost 3 decades suffering from severe case of social phobia and general anxiety disorder. During that time I constantly kept reading Morita-therapy books and even hospitalized in one of the most strict Morita-Therapy hospitals twice for 4 months but I saw no improvement.

But in 1993 I read "Arugamama no sekai (Be as you are)" by Dr Usa (a Morita Therapy specialist). I was very impressed by his book. It made me realize that the way I was treating my illness was wrong. After that my anxiety disorder gradually improved until, finally, I overcame my problems entirely.

I decided to help those who suffer from Anxiety Disorder and in 1997 I launched the Japanese version of Saito therapy on internet. Since then I have been giving advice to those who seek help. Considering of the difficulty of anxiety disorder, I gradually cure those who suffer the most in Japan. Now, with the launch of the English version, I am ready to give advice to sufferers the world over.

My theory is unique. If you follow these instructions, you will see great changes overnight. Your mood swings will stabilize and your depression will disappear but it will take patience and time to get rid of your all anxiety flashbacks.

So, Good Luck and please e-mail with news on your progress: good or bad.

Area of effectiveness
Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Eating Disorder and syndromes induced by anxiety.

What do you have to do now?
1. Stop looking for a treatment for your Anxiety Disorder
2. Stop listening to your obsessive and intrusive thoughts. Start doing something in front of you.
3. Go to bed early at night when you feel very depressed
4. Go straight to school or to your office without any preparations and precautions.
5. Do not go to the doctor, do not take medication, do not read books that are related to your disorder and do not collect information about your problems.