The Wrong Way

You try to cure the anxiety disorder by knowledge and information.
 Reading everything possible about anxiety disorder is the wrong cure. You came to this site to try to cure the disorder by knowledge and information. You will learn here that your approach to curing anxiety disorder is faulty. Instead of gathering knowledge, the measure you should take from now forward is action and movement.

What analyzes and tries to cure anxiety disorder is your own afflicted brain.@
Those afflicted with anxiety disorder have flaws in the way the brain thinks While afflicted with anxiety and obsessive thoughts, the brain producesgbugshall the time. The more you try to figure out the solution to whatever is causing the anxiety, the worse your anxiety becomes and you might end up with severe depression.

The best way to avoid this consequence is to move on something you find aroundyou.
You will not find the solution to your problem by simply standing still there and thinking over it. If, however you are thinking about it while you are moving or doing some daily chores, you can make right decision because your brain is unlocked. You will experience that your annoying doubts and compulsive thoughts might have disappeared.

Our brain does not function well in decision making.
In anxiety disorder, our brain is not working properly and we can not understand what healthy people understand in a second. For example, most of the anxious people go wherever they can find an effective therapy no matter how far or expensive. We healthy person do not understand this irrational action of anxious people.

One panic disorder patient sent me an email saying that he is searching a miracle cure and I advised him to stop his searching. But he insisted to go to TRAUMA THERAPY which is far away from his home and very expensive.

Other woman has been going to a counselor for getting a good advice every week to ease her anxiety. She believes that one day she could be free from anxiety by listening to her counselor but it will never happen. It is her compulsive mind that makes her going to see the counselor. Her act only satisfies her compulsive mind but will not cure her brain. It looks like her entire life would be spent for this fruitless effort.

A young man who was caught up with compulsive thoughts could not stop his action too. He had run away from his home several times for getting miracle cures which are always far from his home. He already spent huge money for these meaningless acts and still he can not stop this behavior.

When I meet them, they are mostly intelligent and gentle people but when it comes to anxiety they suddenly lose control on their urge and they try to grab something in their sight to ease their fear. This act is very compulsive for them and it is very hard to convince them to stop it.

What we need is not the knowledge but the revival of healthy brain.
You are wrong if you think you can get rid of your anxiety just by reading Saito Therapy. It is impossible to cure your anxiety just sending a lot of knowledge into your brain. What is important for curing anxiety is the revival of healthy brain that is hidden behind your anxiety brain. In order to make it happen, you have to stop gathering knowledge and start taking action.@

Do something right this minute
This is very difficult for anxiety patient. Your anxiety brain says you do not like to move and want the knowledge at first. But if you resist moving and continuing to stick to your thinking, your life will be entirely anxiety disorder. But if you act today, your life can be dramatically changed.

The most important act is you start doing something you find right in front of you. They are mostly daily chores. Simple and easy thing is the better. By start doing this, you can finally stop playing your endless obsessive self talk, a behavior which is caused by the chemical imbalance in your brain.
Sometimes you have to start forcibly. You cannot wait until your fear disappears. Your office job forces you to do it or your duty as husband at your home forces you to do something. This is not always recommended for anxious people but unavoidable.

It is easy sometimes to start taking action when you come across something accidentally. For example, when the telephone starts to ring, you will go and pick up the phone and this is when your brain is unlocked and you are free from anxiety and depression temporarily. Or if you just meet your old friend unexpectedly on a corner of the street, your brain is unlocked and feel at ease to say 'Hello' and suddenly you are talking about many things with him. You can use this chance to start your movement and unlock your brain.

It only takes a second to go into the healthy world.
The common belief is that if you are patient enough and make an effort to live as normally as you can, someday you will be free from anxiety disorder. This is the typical misunderstanding about the curing process with anxiety disorder. The cure of anxiety disorder comes in just in a second without any effort. Of course the cure lasts only few minutes and unstable but this is true. A lot of people do not understand this fact and they spend a lot of time making effort to exposure themselves unnecessarily to the fear or trying to desensitize the fear.

The transition from anxiety program to healthy program happens in a second and we can not sense this transition. You can make this transition to happen not with effort, but without effort. Your movement plays a big role in this process. This transition takes place with your action. If you resist movement and keep sticking to your compulsive thinking, it means that you let your brain play the endless tape of anxiety and there is no end in your sight with your anxiety disorder battle.

You should not wait until your anxiety subsides.
You should act now before your anxiety is solved. Most anxious people maintain this attitude. They try to do something only after theyfve succeeded to sort out their confusing mind. As long as you hold this attitude, your fear will never go away. Of course it is very difficult for you to start something when you are exposed with terrible fear. But I am not pushing you toward the fear but instead advise you to take simple actions when confronted by your fear. Saito Therapy is not the desensitization therapy.

Saito therapy strongly opposes the idea of desensitization.
We think that the fear of anxiety disorder is not the normal brain reaction but rather irregular one so that we are never able to overcome or desensitize it by exposure. What we can do is to just wait and see this irregular brain hiccup to pass by and subside. In fact it will subside if you do not fight it.

When you do something following Saito Therapy instructions, you shouldn't check your mind status nor report to me whether you are succeeding your fight against anxiety or not.
You should do your daily chores for the purpose of daily chores not for anxiety cure. We, gcured peopleh never do something solely for the purpose of  pursuing the anxiety recovery.  This is the most important part of Saito therapy and the essence of Zen meditation. Doing something in exchange for nothing is called 'Mu' which is equivalent to 'Emptiness, nothing or zero' in Zen religion

Saito therapy is not aiming to make friends or to be sociable or to play an important role in the society.
Instead it recommends you to find simple and basic actions to take now. Your brain will be unlocked when you do a these simple tasks. Trying to be sociable is rather harmful for you to be cured. You should not forget that you are on your way of recuperating from your brain malfunction.
We feel our mind is split in halves before entering healthy world.
If you think that you must feel fine and clear right before you enter into the healthy world, you are wrong. We have anxiety brain and this brain always is firing bugs and we are crossfired with fear, doubts and anxiety. But Saito therapy urges you to do something right this minute. But since your anxiety brain wants to stick to your compulsive thought, there will be fierce battle between your anxiety brain and your desire to try to follow Saito Therapy. That might lead you to a feeling that your thinking is split in halves. But still you have to follow Saito therapy if you want to be cured. There is no easy way out for anxiety disorder.

Saito Therapy need you to change your way of thinking fundamentally.
In order to be released from anxiety world,you need to get out of the world which is full of delusion. The process is similar to the one being cured from schizophrenic disorder in a sense. It is a waste of your time and your life that you stand still and watch your doubts and fears on the screen in your mind. It only increases your half-crazy feeling. You must stop this act and stand up and do something.

When you meet Buddha, you must kill Buddha.
This is the very famous saying in Zen religion. The reason I want to explain this old religious saying is that when you are in anxiety disorder, you become so desperate and you would clutch even at straws.
IF Saito Therapy becomes straws for you, you will be drowned along with Saito Therapy. If you want to be healthy, you have to deny clutching Saito Therapy. You have to shut this page down after you read a few pages and then you have to go on your own. You should not to get back to this web site within a few weeks. It should be only when you are so desperate and confused that you read this page again to get hints.

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