Your thinking is totally free.
You are released from geared-in constraints. You can cast your thoughts and feelings outwards and not have to constantly be aware of your mind.

Time goes by quickly
Since you are free from any compulsive thoughts, you feel that time passes unhindered.

No need to read anxiety books or gather information
You no longer want to read books related to anxiety disorder - there's no need. Rather, you want to write a book about how to cure anxiety on your own!

You want to partake in many things
You feel happy and there is no longer any psychological barrier preventing you from starting something new. You find a lot of things to do and there is not any doubt in your mind about taking up new projects.

You enjoy a stable and peaceful mood
There are no mood swings, your emotions and life no longer feel like a roller-coaster ride. You will not be in any doubt that you are cured, your mood becomes very healthy and stable.

No symptoms
No symptoms of anxiety disorder remain in your life, but that is no longer the focus of your attention. It feels like you are in a different world because your thoughts and patterns of thinking have improved so much.

Sharp and active mind regained
Your mind returns to a state of activity and fitness, no longer dulled and overloaded by compulsive thoughts. You can concentrate on things naturally and your life becomes relaxed, freed from the burden of anxiety.

Good relationships and no mistakes in your work
You can think of your friends and relatives and you can maintain good relations with them. You make fewer mistakes in your work, and you can work for longer intervals with greater ease and reliability.

No depression
The depression is gone from your life and you can live very peacefully.

These are some of the many joyful things that will return to your life when your anxiety disorder is cured.

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