Complete elimination of anxiety flashbacks is nearly impossible. I began to recover from this illness ten years ago and have been generally healthy, yet there are still times when I have been caught up with one of these flashbacks.This suggests how difficult it is to attain permanent freedom from anxiety disorders.
A flashback usually occurs amid healthy periods without any preliminary signs. It shakes the mind to its core like the experience of an earthquake. I suspect that these anxious episodes are very similar to epileptic seizures. They trigger a chain reaction felt in many parts of the brain and can be explained as total chaos. In such a situation, the subject feels depressed and afraid. He or she feels confused, disassociated from reality and suffers from obsessive thoughts centered around the endless effort of easing the fear

We try to get back to normal but the more we make effort, the worse it gets. We feel we are insane. Although the person tries to get back to normal, the more he/she makes the effort the worse it gets. From my own personal experience, it is the feeling of being insane.

When plagued with anxiety disorder, the potential for an acute attack looms in the background constantly, and so you remain in a total and continuous state of anxiousness and worry. Once you have been cured from anxiety disorder, and have more control over yourself, it is still possible to experience an attack. But if that happens, the attack  is short lived and any effects usually last a few minutes. At the worst, a 24 hour period may be needed to completely recover from a flashback

During an acute attack, even though you feel that the turbulence of your mind will last throughout your life, that is not true and the mistaken idea is borne from depression, not rationality

Just as with a giant earthquake and its after-shock, 24 hours later, the memory has begun to diminish, so that by the next morning, it is difficult to remember what went wrong in your mind.

You may desire to have a psychological explanation of Flashbacks, but this is needless effort.
The brain is an organ that allows our mind to function. In a flashback, we experience strong emotional pain, much of which may very well be caused by chemical imbalance.

Many people insist on psychological explanations for flashbacks, but I definitely believe that those who are looking for a psychological explanation cannot be cured from this illness. Anxiety cannot be explained psychologically, but is best understood and defined by biochemical brain science.

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