Summary of Saito Therapy
What is Saito Therapy effective for?

Anxiety disorder, General anxiety disorder, Panic disorder, Depression, Symptoms induced by anxiety disorder, Social phobia, Agoraphobia, Obsessive compulsive disorder.
Saito therapy is not effective in curing other neurotic disorders like PTSD which are caused by past traumatic experiences.

How can an anxiety disorder be cured by Saito therapy?

Saito therapy asks you to shut down the circuit that has gone wrong in your brain. By shutting down the malfunctioning circuit, we can create a new one in a different place in our brain. The new circuit becomes stronger and stronger as we practice Saito Therapy and it will become strong enough to prevent the intervention of the pre-existing corrupted one, which is not functioning properly. In this process we utilise the biological plasticity of the brain.

Who diagnoses the disorder?

You diagnose yourself. If you have an anxiety disorder then you already understand the contents of this web-site and recognise that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.
Those who do not have an anxiety disorder do not understand Saito Therapy and when they post on our bulletin board, they write from a different point of view. They are not patients that Saito Therapy can cure.
What do you have to do from now on?
  • Do not go to the doctor.
  • Do not take medications
  • Do not gather information about anxiety disorders
  • Stop practising any existing therapy and do not seek out alternative treatments.
  • Do not ask yourself or others how to cure the anxiety disorder.
  • Do not ask for help when you are suffering from anxiety attacks.
  • After you have suffered from fear or anxiety, you should not try to remember that anxiety nor should you attempt to prepare any extra precautions to avoid feeling that fear when you reach the next stage.
  • When you are suffering from very strong anxiety and you are feeling depressed, you should go to your home straight after finishing work or school and go to bed early at night. You should realise that thinking for a long time about the ideas that are causing the anxiety is just a waste of time in your life.
  • You should go to your place of work or study the next day without any preparation and without formulating plans to ward off the anxiety.
Analysis of curing of anxiety disorder Saito Therapy believes that anxiety disorder is caused by biological factors, which are strongly tied to genetic predisposition. That is why traditional psychotherapy fails to cure anxiety disorder. It has already been noticed that psychoanalysis only makes these disorders worse. Saito Therapy thinks that anxiety or intrusive thoughts are signals produced in the brain when it is not functioning properly.

We are not sure whether the problem lies in the software or the hardware of the brain, but our brains are biological super- computers and those two components are strongly connected to each other. Saito Therapy says that our brain circuit is not operating normally in anxiety disorder. If we close this malfunctioning circuit, our mind will create a new circuit on a different part of the brain and take over the role of the pre-existing one. In order to create a new circuit, it is vitally important to shut down the old one. All the anxiety patients trying to repair the malfunctioning circuit by using the old one are attempting the impossible.

But if we succeed in closing down the circuit, our brain starts to create a new one because we have biological plasticity. This new circuit will become strong enough to prevent the old circuit interfering, if you follow the instructions of Saito Therapy. If you follow the guidance of Saito Therapy we can promise that you will soon have a very comfortable and healthy life.
Saito Therapy supplemental rules
  • Do not take medicine as a rule, although we do not deny all the possibilities offered by medicines. Anxiety and fear can be extraordinarily strong for patients and sometimes we allow them to take medicines to weaken the fear. It may be difficult to practice Saito therapy when you are under strong stress, but we prohibit relying on medicine too much.
  • Saito Therapy rejects all traditional therapies including psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotism and so on.
  • You are not allowed to read books or information that deals with anxiety disorder, including this site. You should live on your own without help from Saito Therapy, except when you are very confused.
  • You should not go to the doctor. You can be cured very well without going to the doctor. But we do not tell border-liners and other people who have illnesses similar to anxiety disorder not to consult a doctor because we are not sure that Saito Therapy is effective for those illnesses which only resemble anxiety disorder.
  • Releasing yourself from anxiety disorder is very lonely process. You have to fight to build the path that will lead you to outside of the world of anxiety. You can not expect to get well by talking with others who have the same illness. You have to face your own anxiety by yourself.
The role of those who are already cured The role of those who are cured is very important. They are reborn in their lives and the power of this rare experience should be delivered to those who are not cured. People with anxiety need to find the exit from this mental abyss and only those who are cured can point out the direction. A cured person must the give appropriate advice and the benefit of their experience to those who need help.
The difficulties when you practice Saito Therapy
  • Saito Therapy itself becomes the focus of your excessive thoughts and urges. You get stuck in Saito Therapy. This is the greatest obstacle to practising Saito Therapy.
    In order to prevent this situation, you should not read Saito Therapy in detail. If you get a few suggestions by reading this site, you should leave this page and live on your own. The process of curing an anxiety disorder is not like solving a difficult mathematical question. The answer lies in MU or nothingness.
  • You are not sure whether you have delusions or healthy feelings. It is very hard to draw a line between those two feelings. The more you fight against anxiety, the more confused you become. If you think you are in this mental black hole, you better go straight to bed. The best thing for you to do is to switch off your brain's super-computer.
  • It is hard to practice Saito Therapy when you are under very severe stress because you feel overwhelmed with your excessive worries and doubts.
    It is better for you to put yourself out of the stressful environment and give yourself a calm and easy atmosphere. Then you might find it a lot easier to practice Saito Therapy.
When you feel Saito Therapy is easy
  • Ironically Saito Therapy is very easy to practice when you are at the edge of the struggle with anxiety, when you have lost the will to fight and can not see any help in sight.
  • It is not so difficult to practice Saito Therapy when you stay calm in your home or in the morning before your anxiety starts to grow.
  • When you take tranquilizers, you can control your worries and doubts and it feels easy to practice Saito Therapy. But Saito Therapy is not effective when you are under the strong influence of tranquilizers and you should consider such medication as supplemental
The difference between shyness and social phobia There seems to be a popular misconception about shyness and social phobia. Shyness is person's tendency and nature whereas social phobia is a medical brain disorder and those who suffer from it have problems with information processing in their brains.
Social phobia patients have not only excessive shyness and avoidance tendencies but they also have confusion in their minds and problems with information processing. They are stuck on worries and doubts. We should not talk about shyness and social phobia in the same breath.
Saito Therapy's opinion of other therapies
  • Morita Therapy
This therapy was established by Dr Morita back in the 1920s based on the concept of Zen meditation, Zen practice and his own experience. Since Morita therapy explains the anxiety disorder to us plainly and clearly, it has become famous in Japan.
But in spite of its popularity, it is very hard to find anyone who has been cured by this therapy. Saito got hospitalised twice and spend 4 months in the Morita therapy hospital but the results were very disappointing. Saito thinks that it is a greatly flawed method of therapy.
  • CBT(Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
This therapy is very common in the world of anxiety disorders but Saito Therapy doubts its use from it's foundation. All the anxiety patients in the world already try the very same procedures that CBT recommends to us. But through my experience, the more you make an effort to practice what CBT recommends to overcome your fear, the worse your condition gets. CBT requires us to try and analyse the fear and doubts, think about where they came from and how unreasonable they are.

It is meaningless and impossible to analyse our fears and doubts because those feelings originate from a brain which is not functioning very well and perhaps has a problem with information processing. A problem due to a chemical imbalance which is described by current brain science as being caused by a deficit of the neuro-transmitter serotonin in the synapses. Nor we can overcome the fear by exposing our selves to it. If you push yourself too much towards the irrational fear, it could have disastrous consequences for you, in which your identity splits into halves and you might find yourself in despair with severe depression. It is of prime importance to avoid this terrible consequence. You have to keep it in mind that you have to put yourself in a calm environment in which you feel easy and relaxed. This is the most important step towards winning the battle against an anxiety disorder. @
  • Hypnotism
Everybody knows that this therapy is not effective for anxiety disorders. This therapy has been performed for hundreds of years and there is no clear evidence that it is effective. If this therapy was useful for treating anxiety disorders, big institutions would already have departments specialised in hypnotism.
  • Zen meditation
Zen is a Japanese Buddhism religion and its meditation attracted a lot of anxious people who sought help from it in the past. But Zen is a religion and its priority is to save peoplefs souls. It is not designed to save people from anxious thought, which was perhaps caused by an abnormal brain serotonin imbalance.
  • Religion
Religion is religion. Its purpose is to save a person's soul and spirit. You can not expect to cure an anxiety disorder by joining a religion.
  • Therapy in your own way
All anxious people the world over have been struggling against their anxiety with their own home-made therapy. But there will be no hope of succeeding with such methods. It is like a schizophrenic patient who fights against his delusion in an attempt overcome them. The relief of anxiety only comes when you stop all your efforts to make your own remedy.
Signs of improvement in anxiety disorder
  • Fading depression
My depression disappeared right after I started Saito Therapy. Disappearance of depression is the first sign of recovery among all the symptoms associated with anxiety disorders. You feel that it's very easy to live your life when there is no depression.
  • No mood swings, or less mood swings
After you start Saito Therapy, your mood swings will become less severe or simply disappear. Being cured means that you have a plain and stable mood in your daily life. This is the most important step towards leaving behind the world of anxiety.
  • Less anticipation of fear
Saito Therapy instructs you not to prepare anything against anticipated fear. It asks you to drop the weapons and protective measures that you've built against all your fears and doubts. Naturally it becomes less and less usual for you to anticipate fear in your daily life.
  • Less fatigue
When we are immersed in anxiety, we cannot control our thinking. Our thinking becomes excessive and unstoppable. We try to control our thoughts but this effort makes it worse. In such circumstances the blood is spent in our prefrontal cortex, wasted trying to put our thinking under control. When we are hit by the most severe type of depression we feel very tired in the evening., but Saito Therapy stops this brain stampede and reduces the excessive and wasted metabolism of blood in our brain. Naturally we do not feel tiredness, except of a normal physical nature in the evening.
  • Less mistakes in your work
When we are affected by an anxiety disorder we tend to make a lot of mistakes in our work because our mind is stuck, dwelling on irrational urges, fear and doubt. But when you are released from this troubled state of mind, you start to feel free in your thinking and that helps contribute to making less mistakes in your job. You can think of others, your parents and your friends rather than yourself, so you can more easily maintain good relationships with others. You feel that you have returned the energy back into your life and you will find a lot of things to do.
  • No symptoms, or less symptoms
It is very hard to get rid of all the symptoms in a short period of time, but most of the symptoms fade away as you spend days following the instructions of Saito Therapy. I have been practising Saito Therapy for ten years and most of the symptoms that made my life so miserable are gone now. Some of them still come back to me when I am hit by occasional flashbacks, but it disturbs me for only a short time and the symptoms are no longer a significant issue.

How long does it take for recovery?

You will see the changes in your feelings over night when your start Saito Therapy but it will take years for an overall and complete cure. You will feel unstable and will suffer from anxiety when you start Saito Therapy because the anxious part of your brain is still hard at work and producing lots of bugs. But as you practice Saito Therapy for an increasing length of time, your healthy thought processes take over, becoming more and more normal and stable. The new circuits you have built will become strong and resistant against the intervention of the old circuit. I am almost cured but it took ten years. This shows that it will take a long time to create a new circuit in your brain and make it strong and powerful.
Difficulty of curing the disorder

Your control-centre is ill

What makes the treatment of anxiety disorder so difficult is the fact that your control-centre is ill. For example, if your hand gets injured, you understand what action you should take to heal the injury, you put a bandage on it and do not use the injured part of your hand for a couple of days or a week. Then you find that your hand has recovered.

But when it comes to your anxiety, it is a quite different matter to deal with. It is very questionable whether your unhealthy anxiety-wracked part of your brain can recognise that it is working improperly or generating false signals. Even though your brain as a whole understands that it is ill, you can not find the proper way to get out of this illness. But the brain itself feel pains all the time and it will try to cure itself, you do not understand whether you are heading in the right or the wrong direction. You get confused and you feel that you are trapped in a black-hole of anxiety
The only way to cure the anxiety disorder
It is calmness, the power of natural healing that will cure your wounded mind. You can not actively seek to diminish the intrusive thoughts and doubts by applying effort. We have to realise that we are completely powerless to solve this problem by taking direct action. The only thing we expect in Saito Therapy is to let our natural healing power start to work more often and quickly and effectively.

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