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February 2, 2015

I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I found this site approximately 10 years ago. That was an incredibly rough time of my life, I was dealing with such severe anxiety with multiple panic attacks daily. I had tried everything and yet it just got worse, Then I stumbled across this site, I read it and thought this is too simple to work but I really didn't have any other options so I tried it. At first it was pure hell, I had such conflicting thoughts in my brain. It was like my brain was tearing in two. Then it was like a switch turned in my brain and I was cured, I still had anxiety but I knew that when it was building, to just go do something and it would pass. Eventually it was less frequent and now 10 years later I can honestly say that I am 100% cured. I would love to help other people who are going through the same thing I went through, a person who does not suffer from anxiety has NO idea what goes through an anxious persons head. If you would like to u!
se this as a testimonial or would like to chat about my experience please feel free to contact me at the above email address. Thank you for your time and hearing my long winded story, I have meant to email you for quite some time now and thank you for helping me.


Comment by Saito

Brad is the only one in the world who succeeded to cure anxiety disorder.
As everybody knows, mental disorders are all extremely difficult to cure. I found only 3 person in Japan who cured by Saito Therapy including me. It means there are only four in the world.
There have been no success with this mental illness in the past 100 years.
How wonderful it is to live in a healthy world!
Your income rise significantly and may have wonderful married life.

May 25, 2006

Hi Mr. Saito, @
I am almost completely healed in about 1.5 years. I've practised meditation for about 10 years & believe this has helped me with Saito therapy. I resigned from a stressful job where I made lots of money but hated every minute & started a job where I get paid much less but love the work. I just do my chores. I let intrusive thoughts come in, accept them, move through the emotion and perform the next task at hand. I truly enjoy Saito Therapy....its very much like "mindfulness meditation". I have simply become  an observer of my thoughts and actions unattached to any outcome. I see God in everything. Thanks to you I am almost completely healed. I would like to help others.............Do you have any suggestions? Cheers & lots of love,

December 10, 2003

Dear Mr. Saito
I'm a 36 year old woman, married and the mother of two kids. After a very eventful birth of my youngest son 2 years ago I started suffering from panic and anxiety attacks. Many doctors worried and told me i was post partum depressed. Some forced me to take medications, though all along i knew myself i wasn't depressed. I knew i suffered from anxiety. I refused the medication and took on the battle. Hours i  spend infront of my computer or in the library....feeding on books and websites about this disorder making things worse for myself. The whole day i spend diagnosing and checking myself. Then i stumbled on your website.....after reading it my head hurted like i was slapped in the face. I realised what i was doing. I took the advice, turned the switch in my head and never looked back. I went to bed and told myself when i get up in the morning, the anxiety disorder never happened. So I did and here I am.....1 1/2 year  later proud owner of my own car performance parts importing company. That night i turned around my live and decided to pour my energy in things i really want to achieve and do in life instead of feeding the wasteful anxiety. The anxiety sometimes tries to sneak back in but in seconds i easily walk away from it by just totally refusing to feed it.
Thank you Mr Saito for setting up this website, it made me what i am today

December 1, 2003

I'm 25 years old and I have suffered severe depression, OCD, Panic Attacks and Social Anxiety for 13 years, i got to a very scary point when i experienced terrifying thoughts that i was going to become a psycho killer

I tried every therapy and medication and kept getting worse, i went to 7 therapists and group therapy (no one improved) and read books by Albert Ellis, David Burns, Aaron Beck and did the exercises and the homework they prescribed... this did not help me the more i struggled the deeper into despair I went. These Psychologists have got the treatment for anxiety very wrong

I had read your page before and discarded the therapy, CBT made more sense but i got to the point where i realised CBT doesnt work and had no choice to practice Saito therapy.

Practicing Saito therapy was very hard and confusing in the beginning but I new something different was happening.

that was over a year ago now and my life is much easier everyday, i realised you cannot fight anxiety or get angry at it, i no longer research anxiety
or read about it.

those dark days seem a long way away now. I now know the anxiety can pass even if it is for a few days or weeks and the anxious periods are getting shorter, things which were once painful such as going to work or parties are now fun and i no longer need to read your page.

I feel excited about the day when i wake up in the morning

i have no doubt i will be pretty much cured in the not to distant future and will never relapse

You are a genius. Thanks



November 14, 2003

I am from the UK and am writing to tell you about my experience within
Saito therapy. Months after my nervous breakdown I was searching endlessly
for a cure to anxiety disorder whilst struggling to finish my degree at
university. I tried CBT (exposure to all things that cause anxiety), taking
medications, Redirective Self Therapy, and everything else that has been
discussed on this group.

Eventually I found the Saito therapy website gave up and spent the
remaining time left finishing my degree.

Saito therapy is the best therapy out there and I will explain how it works


The most important point of the therapy is your command centre (BRAIN) is
ill. Because of this the brain is very poor at processing information, the
more you struggle, the less you achieve. The more intellectual the
activity, the more difficulty and mental pain you will feel. Most likely
you end up a thought block/migraines/headaches that will cause insomnia. It
was very painful trying to write a dissertation with constant thought
blocking and depression. Stop trying to be intellectual or learn things, or
trying to figure a way out of your disorder. That is like going from
walking to running and having now having a broken leg. Avoid intellectual
activity wherever you can. In particular, stop reading books, if you must
read try to scan read and read **only for a purpose**, not for leisure.


After I finished my degree I immediately started setting up a business from
home. Most of the jobs I have to do are simple and automated. There is very
little thinking involved, and lots of movement, and this keeps the brain
free of painful thought blocks. Most of the day because I am so busy I
forget I have anxiety disorder.

I am living with my parents again and they take care of the cooking and
laundry. I do the cleaning around the house. I used to be very independent
but now I realise I am sick and disabled, I live with them, that is what
parents are for, to look after you. Saito therapy places an importance on
chores - what he is really saying is do something very often that does not
involve the rational, thinking mind (Zen).

Listen to music during your work if you can, as this utilizes the creative
half of the brain, compulsive rational (painful) thoughts are reduced.


Anxiety will appear and disappear and it is 90-95% out of your control,
other than what the therapy advises here. The best thing you can do is do
something with movement to make the time go by quicker. Drugs do not work
because anxiety disorder is linked to trauma, and that trauma/ mental pain
will reoccur with the brain cycle. The only time the drugs do work are when
the brain is generally more unblocked, when you don't need the extra
serotonin anyway. The cure for anxiety disorder is **calm**, and
**control** over your life. Remove yourself from places or people that
cause stress. Vary your work rate to how you feel. I will only stop work if
I feel clinically depressed, and I find this is just 3 in 30 days at the
moment. I never stop completely, I keep moving, I just slow down until it
passes. Hopefully, over time this will fall even more.


Try to get as much sleep as possible. This can be achieved by working for
yourself or doing a simple, non stressful job in the afternoon. 10 hours a
night is best. The more sleep you get, the more calm and happy you will
feel during the day. Somedays you will not be able to get much sleep at all
which is an indication that you are doing too much thinking/exposing
yourself to too much stress in your daily routine. Do not set a bedtime or
try to control the sleep cycle, when you feel tired or depressed, go to


Once you have anxiety disorder you realise that emotional state is a
product of brain chemistry. Stop trying to control your emotional state. If
you feel depressed, do not attempt to smile, if you feel happy do not stop
to smile. Accept that most anxiety symptoms are totally out of your
control. All you can do is slow down and adjust to the chemistry. If you do
not fight the anxiety and reduce your work rate, they will pass quicker and
you will be happier inside even if you look miserable on the outside.

Do not internalise the fact you can't do something when you want to. It is
NOT your fault. Do NOT take it personally. Anxiety disorder IS an illness,
it IS a disability, and accepting it is very important to being able to
get on with the basic tasks that will cure the disorder. There is a toxic
imbalance in your brain. Drugs cannot cure it. You MUST adapt, or DIE, as
Darwin explained.

Do not worry about anything. Anxiety is a SYMPTOM, the CAUSE is CHEMISTRY,
which is difficult to control even with drugs. You yourself are not
actually afraid of anything. It is simply brain chemistry.


This is the attitude you need to take with you everywhere at all time. Do
not write a list of goals, or do anything that puts you under undue
pressure. Do not read self help books. Do not compare yourself to others.
Lose all ambition. Stop requiring things. Accept yourself AS YOU ARE. Go
out and be social, WHEN you feel like, but avoid conversations that require
non spontaneous thinking in the inflicted area of the brain. Be mad, be
wild. Saito therapy does not intend for you to be particularly social, but
that does not mean you can't enjoy yourself when the chemistry is right.
Generally you have to be "mr don't give a shit" 24/7.


Over time, the periods where your inflicted brain is being used will
diminish as you eradicate all non anxiety-disorder forms of stress from
your life. You stop reading all books, you quit your job that requires lots
of thinking/stress, and take up something simple/routine. You stop taking
all medications (except alcohol for social purposes WHEN the chemistry
permits, drinking alcohol on a thought block will make things WORSE). Your
brain starts to feel more unlocked and freer to carry out daily jobs and
routines. Serotonin balance returns to normal for longer periods. There is
still a cycle, but providing you have removed all the extraneous stress
most of the time you will feel OK or GOOD. I know this because it worked
for me. Over time, providing you avoid intellectual and stressful
activity/lifestyles, the damaged/traumatised/compulsive part of the brain
over time becomes less and less used, and using the concept of biological
plasticity of the brain, the damaged sector is eventually shut down by the
brain which then uses a healthy part instead. This process takes 5-10
years. It is not a quick fix by any means, but I have seen excellent
results since I started the therapy


Serotonin boosters (only work when the block is not there)

* Chocolate - drink hot chocolate throughout the day. The milk is also a

* Alcohol (Spirits and Wine are especially good) - only when with a friend
(NEVER drink alone) , and don't drink more then one drink if the first has
little effect (indication of lack of serotonin availability). Don't drink
to get drunk, just to feel more relaxed, one or two drinks is fine. Don't
drink more than twice a week. Don't drink if you're symptoms are higher
then normal. Don't become an alcoholic.

* Potatoes - are supposed to boost serotonin in some way. I've just bought
the book "potatoes not prozac" so will report further if it has any useful


Saito therapy does not mean you will have a particularly exciting life or
interesting job. However, it will allow you to be largely free of
psychological pain without the need for any drugs whatsover. It also claims
to offer a complete cure from compulsive thought and anxiety disorders with
the except of a occasional depression which does not last long (up to a few

October 2nd, 2008


I asked once about forgiveness for parents. Or to let go of resentment.
There is a lot of therapy about this--and religion too. I am open to
ideas on this.

I wrote this today. I don't know if English is easy for you or not. It
is long since you seem to be able to write freely in English.

"Forgiveness"...this is nothing actually. It is important, but it is not
what you think it is.

In English, forgiveness means: To give what came before. What came
before? What came before is "openness" or "love" or Life. Actually,
there is no name for it at all! It is before your idea of being wronged
by another formed.

Actually, what came before was your ordinary, clear, natural mind before
you got an idea of being wronged. Being wronged as an idea means "this
should not have happened." This produced "locked moment." When you
re-think the idea, you will lock up again. This is because "should not
have happened" is a locked moment itself.

But, in Saito Therapy, I must say, locked moment is just a signal to
return to naturalness...to do something near at hand. Your mind will
smooth out without you realizing it--or you may notice it. If you
notice, it's a good thing...and it is important to just keep going.

When you step forward, there is no name for it...it is waking up to life
and forgiveness is there already. This is how your parents become no
problem for you. In other words, to return to ordinary or natural mind
is forgiveness...is not to stick to this idea. Unlocked moment is
forgiveness. Sticky mind smoothes out through activity. This is one
way--maybe the best way. We'll see...it is new to me, to be unlocked,
but old as an idea due to Zen exposure and zazen.

Not to stick to ideas: This does not mean to force out an idea...but an
idea becomes nothing when you take to Life. Even if an idea appears to
recycle, it disappears as one moves. This is love. So-called self-love
is to step forward in some form. Love is really life now. To forget
yourself in now. You will be amazed...then just step forward again.
People speak of joy...this is also joy. Joy is uncontrived.

If you step forward following your amazement--you will leave no trace.

You do not desensitize yourself to an idea. The idea becomes no problem
in the course of life-forward or no-mind. If you try to desensitize, you
may lock yourself to the idea even more. This is really funny. It should
be in a comic book. It is like trying to be natural. The best way to be
natural is just to do something.

Consider this: Why desensitize? It is because you want to not be
bothered by the idea or feeling you have. This
"wanting-to-not-be-bothered" is called locked moment or mind. Your
wanting will keep your mind fixed on it. You will sink in your
procedure. It is actually a locked mind that is wanting to desensitize.
It is really your fixated mind that creates this agenda or goal. In
Buddha's terms, it is your endless craving that is trying to escape
endless craving! There is no end to this kind of lock...except by
accident. For me, there was an accident. And, another one today. Enough
to allow an awareness...also to see truth of dropping off the
awareness--or to keep walking forward. I got lucky. My boss said, you
have to do this work (some paperwork) and you are not doing it! I am a
professional therapist and still there is this difficulty.

When a Zen master says, go wash your bowl, he is pointing to
salvation...it is not a strange Zen joke. In America, people seem to
think that Zen expressions are non-sensical, that they make no sense,
that is why they are freedom-oriented. This is not so. Washing a bowl
and washing your mind are the same. When you become one with your
activity there is total freedom. This happens outside of will-power.

Stabilization is none of my business. How long? None of my
business...only now.

True desensitization is to forget yourself in your activity. There is
nothing to be rid of...this knowledge will appear as you walk through
problems. This is to desensitize with no idea of it. In other words, you
will lose your sensitivity without trying to extinguish it. This may be
the only way. So far, it is the only way for me. Mindfulness-based
therapy is good, but you may get stuck in practice-ideas. This means,
you want to attain "naturalness." But, mindfulness means to forget
yourself. Mindfulness is not to be a good Zen student or awakened being
and not to be free of anxiety or depression. They say that in Chinese,
mindfulness means "now-heart." Just to wash your bowl is mindfulness.

Do not try to be free of a single idea! Ideas free themselves--they
empty when you just participate as life.

When I was a young man, playing football aroused enormous anxiety for
me. My stomach got upset. But, if I just played it was OK. This is
desensitization without procedure or ideas of attainment. Another
accident. It is possible that some methods of acceptance may have had
some effect, but I didn't know any so I just went forward. This is
really Saito Therapy as an accident. I got away from this as my life got
more complex.

Regards, J.G

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