The Symptoms

  • Your thinking is focused on intrusive thoughts, from which you cannot escape.
    The only thing you can think of is how to cure the anxiety disorder, you are unable to think of anything else.
  • You talk to yourself and listen to your fears all day long.
    You obsessively talk to yourself and struggle to find the cure for the disorder. Naturally, you find that this pattern of thinking continues all day long.
  • You feel depressed.
    While you don't feel suicidal most of the time, but you do get lost in your life and don't know where you should go. You feel apathetic (aimless) and you cannot make decisions.
  • You feel very tired in the evening.
    Because you fight against your intrusive thoughts all day long, you feel very tired by the evening.
  • Frequent mistakes
    Because you are constrained by compulsive thoughts, you make a lot of mistakes in your job and that makes it hard to continue working.
  • Difficulty in maintaining good relations with your friends
    Constant thinking about your compulsive thoughts makes maintaining relationships very hard because you don't pay attention to your friends, relatives or the people at your office.
  • Very analytical thinking
    You read a lot of psychology books and philosophy books, which makes it hard for you to think of anything in simple terms. As a consequence, your thoughts don't flow freely and naturally like the thoughts of a child or healthy people do.

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