Real Courage

You must understand that your knowledge, education, spirit, tenacity, commonsense, responsibility, ambition, etc are all useless for curing your anxiety disorder. Not only are they harmful for solving your problems, what you need most is your own real courage which you have not known since your anxiety illness started.

The other name for anxiety disorder is timidity. But this timidity is excessive enough that an anxious patient will work in a low paid, low skill job, even though he or she is capable of a more rewarding occupation. Excessive timidity can prevent you from getting married which leads to a long single life.

As this timidity is produced in your inner brain, you should not be blamed for it. Now that you have read my web site, you can find your real courage.

Real courage is not the effort you tried before.
Real courage is:
  1. The courage not to seek treatments.
  2. The courage not to ask questions either of yourself or of others.
  3. The courage not to get solutions. The courage to throw them away if you do get them.
  4. The courage not to find means in the midst of psychological panic.
  5. The courage not to ask Saito how to cope with your mental abyss.
  6. The courage not to ask directions when you get lost.
  7. The courage to drop all protective measures when you leave your home in the morning.
  8. The courage to throw all your medications into a garbage can.
  9. The courage to throw away all books related to anxiety disorder.
  10. The courage not to take any measures; to go ahead without looking back when you proceed onto the next stage after an anxiety attack.
  11. The courage to go straight to bed when you are depressed and confused at night.
  12. The courage to deny Saito Therapy and turn down this page.
The last one is very contradictory but this is the real essence of Zen religion. The following is the quote from Yomiuri News Paper 16 April, 2002 by Leo Ezaki( Novel Prize Scientist)

Daisetsu Suzuki (famous Japanese philosopher) says in his book "An Introduction to Zen Buddhism"
  • Zen is decidedly not a system founded upon logic and analysis.
  • If I am asked, then, what Zen teaches, I would answer, Zen teaches nothing. What ever teachings there are in Zen, they come out from one's own mind. We have to teach ourselves, Zen merely points the way .
  • Is Zen a religion? it is not a religion in the sense the term is popularly understood for. Zen has no God to worship, no ceremonial rites to observe, no future abode to which the dead are destined, and, last of all, Zen has no soul; Zen is free from all these dogmatic and 'religious' encumbrances,"
  • If there is anything Zen strongly emphasizes it is the attainment of freedom; that is, freedom from all unnatural encumbrances
Saito Therapy resembles Zen philosophy
  • Saito Therapy is decidedly not a theory founded upon logic and analysis
  • Saito Therapy teaches nothing. What ever teachings there are in Saito Therapy, come from one's own mind. We have to teach ourselves. Saito Therapy merely points the way
  • Saito Therapy is free from all encumbrances such as knowledge, education, spirit, tenacity, information, medications, commonsense, responsibility, ambition and others.
  • If there is anything Saito Therapy strongly emphasizes, it is the attainment of freedom: that is, freedom from all existing therapies.
    You will be free from all anxieties, intrusive thoughts, fears and depressions if you practice Saito Therapy.

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