The Cure

  • Do not go to the doctor.
  • Do not take medications
  • Do not gather information about anxiety disorders
  • Stop practising any existing therapy and do not seek out alternative treatments.
  • Do not ask yourself or others how to cure the anxiety disorder.
  • Do not ask for help when you are suffering from anxiety attacks.
  • After you have suffered from fear or anxiety, you should not try to remember that anxiety nor should you attempt to prepare any extra precautions to avoid feeling that fear when you reach the next stage.
  • When you are suffering from very strong anxiety and you are feeling depressed, you should go to your home straight after finishing work or school and go to bed early at night. You should realise that thinking for a long time about the ideas that are causing the anxiety is just a waste of time in your life.
  • You should go to your place of work or study the next day without any preparation and without formulating plans to ward off the anxiety.

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