Unlocked Moment

When the brain is inflicted with anxiety, returning to a normal state of mind seems impossible. Fortunately, Saito Therapy has been proven to cure from Anxiety Disorder even if the disease was long-standing. The following examination explains how Saito Therapy is able to bring healthy mind to those who are afflicted with anxiety disorders.

Principle Requirements of Saito Therapy:
  1. Acknowledge that the Anxiety Disorder is the result of the brain malfunction.
    Recent scientific studies point to an imbalance in the levels of Serotonin (one of the major neurotransmitters of brain function) as a cause for the chronic anxiety. Scientists have speculated that a particular gene, responsible for maintaining metabolic balance, may have mutated to cause the chemical imbalance. It is not known whether the mutation is the result of genetics or environment.

  2. Realize that you cannot overcome this illness with will power and effort .
    Once you fall prey to Anxiety Disorder, no amount of trying to escape through either gwill powerh or intellectual strategies can succeed. Since anxiety problems are actually located in the brain and so is the power of the personal will, it is clear that the will is also diminished when the person is suffering from anxiety. No amount of effort will get you out of the mental black hole of fear. If you are sincere in your desire to escape from this constant, underlying fear, you must abandon the idea that you have any personal power to overcome it.

  3. Realize that patience cannot overcome the mental pain of anxiety.
    Patience also will not free the person from anxiety, although this is a very prevalent notion. The idea that if we just wait it out, it will go away is very tempting in the face of chronic anxiety feelings, but in fact, anxiety problems can last a lifetime. Patience is not a virtue in this situation. Instead of freezing in an anxiety state and practicing patience, you should put yourself away from all painful and fearful situations.

  4. Understand that freedom from anxiety occurs in an instant - not gradually
    Many anxious people believe that their illness will get better gradually, step by step. But that is not true. There is just one moment in which the change occurs. In that moment we become completely freed from anxiety, not partially freed. It happens in an instant. It is like our brain switches from an brain filled with anxiety to pure clarity and health. There is no middle ground. Perhaps, we have different brain modes that can switch back and forth. To be cured means that the brain always selects the option of health. While in the process of recovery, the patient can actually switch from health to anxiety and then back again - quite continuously. Whereas once cured, anxious feelings will not be inappropriately blown out of proportion. Instead, the cured person will occasionally have normal bouts of anxiety just because fear is a biological facet of brain function. But generally speaking, the mode of constant anxiety has been dissolved.

  5. Be Present
    Those who suffer from Anxiety Disorder have the habit of worrying about the future and forgetting about the here and now. To try to figure things out for the unknown future is a predictable habit for anyone who is suffering from anxiety, but it is a waste of time and counterproductive to recuperating from the disease. To discuss your fear with those closest to you is also a mistake. The more we talk about the fear, the more ingrained it becomes. Instead simply take action and move. Action is very important. Healthy people move all the time. We pass through the fear while we are doing something.

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